Iron Distance

Esprit Triathlon   Ironman
Year: 2007
Races: 2
Summary: a race without the crowds and noise
Comments: Summary: a race without the crowds and noise Comments: this is a criterium style race, both the bike and the run. the swim is in the 1976 olympic basin used by rowers, basically a GIANT outdoor pool, so no current what so ever. THe bike is on the formula 1 grand prix track so the pavement is the best you will ever ride on. THe bike is not a boring loop, as it is the race track, you have mild S curves and sharp turns and a banked turn, never in one bike position for long. Only warning to those that don't like crowds, during the day they hold several other shorter triathlons and things can get a croawded as the short course people join for a little while. The run is around the Olimpic basin and perfectly flat. Aid is readily available and you can see the entire run course when you are running. They permit you to receive aid form your supporters, to pack a cooler and have your favourite fruits/refreshments on the bike and run! If you like the races with the hundreds and thousands of supports at the finish line shute this race isn't for you, it certianly has a small town feel to it.       Contact Us        Copyright 2007

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